MAX's HTML Beauty++ 2004 2.0


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MAX's HTML Beauty 2004 is advanced HTML editor that can edit as many files at a time as you want, plus it has advanced customizable syntax highlighting, undo / redo, drag & drop editing, right-click tag editing, extended find & replace, template support, project management, auto updating code snippets, code library, tag case changing capability, spelling & grammar check and more. Features: - You can open as many files at a time as you want (only limited by free resources). Files are organized in a tabbed interface, so there's no hassle with heaps of overlapping windows. - Advanced Customizable Syntax Highlighting for 22 different file types: HTML, PHP, Cascading Stylesheets, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk, Ruby, XML, SQL, TeX, Pascal, C , C#, Java, Visual Basic, x86 Assembly, INI, MS-DOS Batch, UNIX Shell and AWK files. - Undo / redo, available even after you save files. - Spelling & Grammar check (requires Microsoft® Word 97 or higher) - Very advanced Find & Replace functions. You can either use "normal" Find & Replace or POWERFUL Extended Find & Replace (with support for perl-compatible regular expressions and much more)! Including incremental search and bookmarks! - Drag & Drop editing, opening of files, easy creation of link and image tags and easy insertion of snippets! - Right-click tag editing. - Advanced GUI, with several custom themes and full support for Microsoft® Windows® XP themes. - Resource Panel with Advanced Mini Explorer, Project Management, re-usable / auto-updating Snippets, Advanced Code Library and Special Characters! - Advanced printing with print preview! - Clipboard Viewer shows you the content of the clipboard! - Quick access to your favorite external programs like FTP client or Image Editor. You can define unlimited number of external programs! - Advanced file preview in unlimited number of external browsers plus the system default browser. Including path mappings (file-to-file, file-to-folder, etc.) for easy preview of PHP libraries, CSS files and more! - Internal Preview using Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Mozilla! - Built-in advanced Image Browser / Viewer for easy access to your images (you can browse images as thumbnails), with ability to create appropriate HTML tags - links and images! Also, it has a "GIF Optimize" feature, as well as "Batch GIF Optimize" and can convert any existing image file to WBMP image format, which is used by WAP-compatible mobile phones! - Tag Designers for almost every HTML tag, total number of them - 28! - A "Power Toolbar" with almost all HTML tags with tabbed interface as seen in many RAD tools! - Full support for XHTML markup language. 0 Support for many different character encodings (Windows, ISO, Mac, etc.), including UTF-8! - Support for the latest HTML Tidy with advanced accessibility checks and HTML -> XHTML conversion (you can run it using different profiles and see the results and output in the "Results" Toolbar) - JavaScript Beauty Scripts (more to come...): - Crazy Menu, effective navigation menu - Cyrus' SlideShow, image slideshows made easy - Shell Integration, right-click context menu for HTML files will have an "Edit with MAX's HTML Beauty 2004" option! - Template support, Favorite Folders, Tip of the day and much much more!!!

Systems: Windows

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